So you ended up somehow to my website and would really like to know what is going on here! My name is Katri Manninen, but I am also known by my childhood nickname ”Kutri” (literally ”curl”). I am a 36-years-old Finnish screenwriter, published author and an inspiration coach.

Back in 2003 I was so interested in healthy lifestyle, that I ended up creating a web site around it and my personal lifestyle ”renovation”. I used to be a yoyo-dieter, who had a mild binge eating disorder, who really hated her own body and exercise and who thought to be doomed to gain weight just by thinking food. How wrong was I!

Finally, after several exiting (well, not really) twists and turns I realized that the only way to get permanent results would be to make permanent changes. I dedicated the year 2003 to my own ”Kutri to shape” -project and with the help of several Northern American fitness magazines (Muscle & Fitness, Muscle & Fitness Hers, Oxygen, Shape etc.) and some web sites (The Facts about Fitness, T-Nation, Krista’s web site) I learned to eat right (protein, vegetables, good fat) and train right (heavy weights, varied aerobic exercise, pilates). Now-a-days I am over 10 pounds lighter than when I first started and even more inches smaller, I LOVE my body, I eat right without thinking about it and I exercise regularly. I don’t binge anymore and I find the weight-control to be ridiculously easy.

In 2003 I got together with some Finnish fitness-, nutrition- and exercise experts and wrote two books about healthy lifestyle with Eija Holmala and Patrik Borg. The first one could be translated ”You’ll succeed– Secrets of a permanent weight loss” (2004) and the second one ”You’ll succeed– Top Shape” (2005) . Both have been huge successes, bestsellers and praised by critics and readers for their no-nonsense approach to weight loss, exercise and nutrition.

I’ve also written over 20 other books, way over 100 episodes to several popular Finnish television series and three feature films. The most recent one ”Love and other Troubles” will premiere in Finland in February 2012.

My newest passion is something that I call ”inspiration coaching”. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me: kutri@kutri.net



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